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Meet Our Team

Roberto Garcia


Roberto Garcia started his career working in the construction field. Roberto graduated from a field worker to estimating and Project Manager in Concrete Construction. All the experience in the field helped him earn his bachelor’s degree from Cal Poly Pomona in Construction Management.

Seeing his vision and taking his skill set, Roberto started RC Creations with the intent of having his concrete skills and integrity transition to his firm.

From the inception of RC Creations, Roberto has seen steady growth and mainly from repeat business. He has taken the company from site concrete to performing concrete building structural. Roberto has been in concrete construction for 15 years. Roberto enjoys spending time with his wife hiking and camping.

Jaime Garcia

General Superintendent – South

When RC Creations was created, Roberto and his father Jaime decided to start what has become an excellent fit for concrete construction, creating balanced Field and Office leadership. Jointly, the field team was formed with over 40 field employees to include qualified foreman to lead the work.

Jaime has been in the trade for over 30 years and leads several projects from Orange County to San Diego County. Jaime successfully, has completed over five capital projects for RC Creations. Jaime enjoys family time on the weekends with his sons and daughters.

Rony Ventura

Lead Superintendent

Rony has been with RC Creations for several years. Rony’s background is both site and building concrete to include vertical concrete. Rony is known for his meticulous lay out for footings and embeds. Rony will perform site concrete, building foundations and slabs to structural concrete construction.

Rony has been in concrete construction for 28 years. Rony has successfully completed projects for RC Creations in the last 2 years. Rony is one the reasons for our repeat business, always doing due diligence and working through issues on his projects aiming for a seameless experience. Rony enjoys spending time with his wife and family doing outdoor activities.

Erica Garcia


Erica estimates concrete site and building. Calculating the concrete, excavation, rebar and miscellaneous concrete elements for our projects. Erica puts the estimates on an Excel spread ranging from site concrete, offsite concrete elements, and building structures. Jointly, we all add our input for the estimate. Erica uses the most modern software estimating take off hardware. For a short time of estimating Erica has special talents for exact take offs using “soft” plans. Erica likes camping with her husband and sports.

Israel Contreras

Project Accountant

Israel performs the day to day project accounting, communicating with both the field and the CEO for accounts payable and project billing – schedule of values. He does the job costing monthly and submits projects costs to the CEO. Israel performs the monthly P&L which in turn is discussed with RC Creations Management. Alongside working in his position, Israel attends college and will be graduating with a degree in Accounting. With work and school, Israel has little time for personal activities but does enjoy family time and baseball.

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